Pull-Out Units from Constructor improves ergonomics and provides more space for Meneta Advanced Shims

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Pull-Out Units from Constructor improves ergonomics and provides more space for Meneta Advanced Shims

Constructor designs a special Pull-Out tray, for handling the heavy tools which cannot be lifted with cranes.

In 1953 Meneta was established in Denmark and since then they quickly developed into one of the world's leading manufacturers of damping shims and back plates, more recently they added new automotive components and accessories to their portfolio.

Today, Meneta is a global organisation, employing approx. 2,000 employees, with facilities in five countries across four continents, assisting customers in over 75 countries worldwide.

As a sub supplier to the automotive industry Meneta are very familiar with the LEAN principles in production. Therefore, they are naturally focused on finding new ways to achieve better logistics and ergonomics both in production and within warehouses.

Meneta, recently reviewed the storage and handling of their heavy tools, due to production requiring on average 80 tool changes per week, and as these tools are only suitable for manual handling, this makes their handling very tiring for the employees.

Due to the heavy weight of these tools, they are unsuitable to be lifted by crane, therefore they must be pushed from the rack onto a tool cart. Understanding Meneta’s challenges, Constructor manufactured a special Pull-Out tray solution which was designed without edges.

This enabled the Pull-Out unit to be pulled out, and positioned alongside the tool carriage to a height matching the Pull-Out tray. The tool could then be easily pushed / pulled from the tray onto the tool cart. The Pull-Out tray could then be returned to the rack, while the tool is transported to the processing line.

Project Engineer Søren Jørgensen from Meneta said: "We previously used racking against the wall, however the tools were stored too high up for employees to handle correctly. The new racking solution has meant that we have achieved better ergonomics in the handling process, which has freed up space for a new production line".

Rack length: 10500 mm
Rack depth: 1200 mm
Number of pull-out trays: 40
Max. load / tray: 650 kg