Constructor reference about small items handling at Irmatorvet

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Constructor reference about small items handling at Irmatorvet

Flexibility was a key word when the online supermarket Irmatorvet was designing their new warehouse. Flexibility because Irmatovet has big growth plans for the coming years and then it will be essential that the storage capacity can be extended.

Terminal Manager Judith Juhl Silberg says: ”In order for me to secure a high performance, it is important that our warehouse can match the planned development. Therefore the design cannot be fixed, on the contrary it must be extendable as our turnover increases. We are very pleased with the fact that the shelf height is adjustable and that the system can be extended in both height and length”.

At the end of 2011 COOOP who owns Irmatorvet decided to enter the market with a new internet business. As part of an ambitious growth strategy Irmatorvet is aiming for a turnover of 500 million DKK in 2015, with a new terminal opening in Vallensbæk.

The solution:

The new warehouse has an area of 6000 m2 with more than 5000 article nos. Constructor has supplied both P90 pallet racking, HI280 shelving and pickflow for the 4 zones: Frost, Cold, Dry and Fruit/Vegetables.

The goods are stored on one side of the pickflow racking, while picking is done from the other side of the racking. Articles with a low turnover are stored on static shelving.

Judith Juhl Silberg says: ”The combination of static racking and pickflow is working excellently. We have carefully placed the goods in order to obtain the shortest possible walking times”.


Facts about the storage solution:


Number of pallet places:


Pallet weight:

833 kg / 2500 kg per supporting level

Number of levels with steel racking:

164 (2750 x 1100 mm)

Number of pickflow frames:

400 (2744 x 1204 mm)

Number of shelving metres in HI280:

96 (1000 x 300 mm)