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I/S AffaldPlus, Denmark - ConstructorGroup Denmark

With the partitioning system Cassette900 AffaldPlus created a comfortable new office for the 6 blacksmiths on top of the workshop.

I/S AffaldPlus which is a garbage disposal company, is owned by the municipalities of Faxe, Næstved, Ringsted, Slagelse, Sorø and Vordingborg. The company attends to all the 300.000 citizens and 30.000 companies in the 6 municipalities.

The solution:

As a start a new multi tier solution was installed. Existing shelving were moved to the 1st floor of this multi tier with the blacksmith shop in the basement. In the next phase of the project an office was built on top of an existing multi tier made of concrete. This office is built with the partitioning system Cassette900. During the installation 3 window openings were cut. They now provide the office with day light, as the remaining windows are facing the workshop.


Area new multi tier:                          36 square metres

Load new multi tier:                          500 kg / square metre

Area office:                                            41 square metres

Number of window modules:           12