• Arla Foods, Taulov, Denmark

    Arla Foods, Taulov, Denmark

    Arla has divided the warehouse into three different storage sections with individual climatic control since parts of their cheese production process takes place in the warehouse.

  • Auto Lindvang, Denmark

    Auto Lindvang, Denmark

    Constructor delivered mobile shelving for storage and handling of tires.

  • Axellus, Denmark

    Axellus, Denmark

    Constructor Logistics offered a number of analysis and simulation possibilities to Axellus through the C-WIS analysis tool.

  • Billigcamping, Denmark

    Billigcamping, Denmark

    The main advantage of the various storage solutions is that we make the most use of the space available, says owner Bjørn Sahl.

  • Bin2bil, Denmark

    Bin2bil, Denmark

    As Bin2bil expanded their business with additional car brands, the company chose to move to new locations, building a new headquarters. This new location merged two previous companies into one, with the associated challenges and opportunities.

  • Bosch, Denmark

    Bosch, Denmark

    Bosch (Holger Christiansen A/S) in Denmark, appears an unassuming building from the outside but when you step inside you become quickly aware that it is far from ordinary.

  • Chr. Hansen, Denmark

    Chr. Hansen, Denmark

    Constructor has delivered deepstore and pushback racking for the warehouses at Chr. Hansen

  • Claus Sørensen, A/S

    Claus Sørensen, A/S

    To meet the capacity that Claus Sørensen wanted, Constructor installed four separate systems to cover the 936 m of floor tracks and 430 tonnes of mobile pallet racking with an impressive 12,400 pallet spaces.

  • Coloplast, Denmark

    Coloplast, Denmark

    With the mezzanine construction we fully exploit the space on two levels. Also we need less equipment and it is more flexible to re-arrange the lay-out.

  • Lift Systems TORNADO Storage Machine - Dani-tech, Denmark - Constructor

    Dani-tech, Denmark

    When Danitech had four Tornado machines installed it made a significant difference to their efficiency, control, working environment and safety precautions.

  • Danske Fragtmænd C-WIS, Denmark

    Danske Fragtmænd C-WIS, Denmark

    Logistics and handling in these facilities are made efficient on a current basis by using C-WIS.

  • Danske Fragtmænd (DF) installs a Tornado

    Danske Fragtmænd, Denmark

    Bauhaus wanted to significantly improve their delivery service by offering their customers next day deliveries for online orders to secure their continued growth.

  • Pallet Racking P90, Partition Cassette900 - Danske Fragtmænd - Constructor Storage

    Danske Fragtmænd, Denmark

    Their logistics centre in Denmark is 106,000m2 and provides warehouse and administration services. Four warehouses have been supplied with our galvanised system.

  • Småvarereol - Constructor Reference: Davidsen Håndværkerbutik, Denmark

    Davidsen Håndværkerbutik, Denmark

    In connection to three new warehouses in Odense, Davidsen opened a new craftsman shop.

  • Long goods handling - Constructor Reference: Davidsens Tømmerhandel, Denmark

    Davidsens Tømmerhandel, Denmark

    Due to an increase in demand on Funen & Zealand, Davidsen built three new warehouses of a total of 6000 square meters in Odense.

  • DB Schenker, Sweden

    DB Schenker, Sweden

    The heart of the automatic system is a mezzanine installation delivered by Constructor. On first floor of the mezzanine are installed conveyor belts with inbuilt automatic scales.

  • C-WIS - Diversey, Denmark - Constructor Logistics

    Diversey, Denmark

    Diversey needed to optimized the logistics of the warehouse and to replace the truck fleet. C-WIS helped them to save 800,000 DKK per year.

  • Pallet Racking Drive-in deepstore - DKI Logistics A/S, Denmark - Constructor Storage

    DKI Logistics, Denmark

    DKI Logistics daily distributes more than 40,000 pallets around Denmark. Furthermore, the company offers 3p logistics to their customers.

  • Dometic, Denmark

    Dometic, Denmark

    Constructor has delivered 2 mezzanine constructions to Dometic, one for the warehouse and one for the workshop.

  • Pallet Racking, Hi280 Multi-Tier, Cantilever - EnergiMidt, Denmark - Constructor

    EnergiMidt, Denmark

    EnergiMidt is a modern energy and broadband company; their new 2,000m² warehouse required optimisation in every aspect.

  • Mobile Pallet Racking MOVO - FJ Industries, Denmark - Constructor Storage

    FJ Industries, Denmark

    FJ Industries consists of two divisions FJ Sinter Metal and FJ Automotive so when they built a new 620m2 warehouse they wanted to obtain as many pallet places as possible”

  • FourDanes, Vissenbjerg

    FourDanes, Vissenbjerg

    Four Danes wanted to expand the storage capacity in order to be able to service new customers.

  • Harald Nyborg A/S, Denmark

    Harald Nyborg A/S, Denmark

    Standard pallet racks, combined with shelving, has made it possible to both store bulk palletised goods and to carry out picking from the same pallet location.

  • Harald Nyborg, Denmark

    Harald Nyborg, Denmark

    Constructor Denmark has supplied pull-out units for product picking in 4 newly built and two existing warehouses for Harald Nyborg.

  • Lift systems TORNADO - Holger Christiansen, Denmark - Constructor Storage

    Holger Christiansen, Denmark

    Holger Christiansen made a strategic decision to build a central warehouse. This was specifically designed for our Double Tornado machines.

  • I/S AffaldPlus, Denmark

    I/S AffaldPlus, Denmark

    With the partitioning system Cassette900 AffaldPlus created a comfortable new office for the 6 blacksmiths on top of the workshop.

  • Partitioning system Cassette900 - I/S Danlaser - Constructor Storage Solutions

    I/S Danlaser, Denmark

    With the partitioning system Cassette900 14 welding cabins were established. Furthermore, a closed and dustfree welding room was built for welding of stainless steel.

  • Irmatorvet, Denmark

    Irmatorvet, Denmark

    Flexibility was a key word when the online supermarket Irmatorvet was designing their new warehouse. This flexibility was achieved with static and mobile racking from Constructor.

  • References - JP Group A/S, Denmark - Constructor Logitics AB

    JP Group, Denmark

    Flemming Nøhr the warehouse manager at J.P. Group attended a C-WIS Seminar at an exhibition in 2009. He says: “I had been looking for a program like C-WIS.

  • KJV, Denmark

    KJV, Denmark

    KJV is one of Denmark's largest distributors, supplying a wide range of cutting tools, hand and machine tools, transmissions, and products for the metal and machine industry.

  • Köster Denmark

    Köster Denmark

    Constructor has delivered long span shelving to the warehouse at Köster Denmark. The shelving is used for storage of the company's entire selection of equipment for arc stud welding and welding bolts.

  • Lynddahl, Denmark

    Lynddahl, Denmark

    The new shuttle installation has allowed for an increase in capacity; allowing the warehouse to hold 600 tonnes of raw material – a three-fold increase.

  • Small Part Handling Hi280 Shelving System - Mansa Autodele - Constructor

    Mansa Autodele, Denmark

    Mansa Autodele built a new warehouse with 450 m² of storage for automotive spare parts.

  • Cabinet for pupils - Constructor Danmark

    Mulernes Legatskole, Denmark

    Constructor has delivered 640 cabinets for the pupils. Each cabinet is equipped with an electronic lock with individual code together with a master code for the administration.

  • Pallet Handling, Pallet Racking P90 - Multiline, Denmark - Constructor

    Multiline, Denmark

    With a new warehouse of 13,500m², MultiLine has created a warehouse and centralised all activity.

  • NBC, Denmark

    NBC, Denmark

    When PostNord Denmark took over Nordic Book Centre (NBC) in Haslev they started an optimisation project with the aim of obtaining more capacity and increasing pick rates within the warehouse.

  • Dexion MOVO in warehouse Novo Nordisk A/S, Denmark

    Novo Nordisk, Denmark

    Novo Nordisk is world wide manufacturer and producer of medical products. This installation is unique and the first in Denmark to use MOVO Pallet Racking.

  • Ocean Textile Group, Denmark

    Ocean Textile Group, Denmark

    With pallet racking we increased our storage capacity, and the pallets are fully accessible which enhances picking time. All in all, this solution provides us with better logistics.

  • P. Christensen, Denmark

    P. Christensen, Denmark

    With pallet racking, P. Christensen - a Mercedes Dealer, has obtained improved ergonomics for the handling and storage of their customer’s wheels.

  • Scandinavian Tobacco Group (STG), Denmark

    Scandinavian Tobacco Group (STG), Denmark

    For the Scandinavian Tobacco Group (STG) space optimisation is continually under review. A question which STG frequently asks is: How can we maximise our available space and increase storage capacity?

  • References - Cantilever racking - Constructor

    SEAS-NVE, Denmark

    SEAS-NVE was in lack of outdoor storage capacity and at the same time the company wanted to liberate space for other purposes.

  • Storage Machines Lift systems TORNADO - Stema Engineering, Denmark - Constructor

    Stema Engineering, Denmark

    The TORNADO is placed in the production warehouse, against the wall to the storage warehouse.

  • STG, Denmark

    STG, Denmark

    Scandinavian Tobacco Group (STG) is very familiar with using semi-automatic machines which improves their warehouse logistics, but wanted to install an innovative ‘Tornado Humidor’ for the storage of finished cigars.

  • Pallet Racking Flow - Valsemøllen, Denmark - Constructor

    Valsemøllen, Denmark

    Two pallet flow installations providing 576 pallets were installed when optimising the new 300m2 warehouse for Valsemøllen.

  • Velux, Denmark

    Velux, Denmark

    Constructor has delivered 80 wall-hung lockers which have been installed in the personnel facilities

  • Long goods handling, Rack for wood - XL Byg, Denmark - Constructor

    XL Byg, Denmark

    In order to secure a more effective service for both professional workmen and do-it-yourself people, XL Byg needed some smart storage solutions.