Pneu Vanhamme, Waterloo, Belgium

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Pneu Vanhamme, Waterloo, Belgium - ConstructorGroup Belgium

Dexion Belgium received in April 2010 a request from PneuVanhamme, part of the CEVA Group, for supplying an efficient storage solution for their tyre center in Waterloo, Belgium that utilized all the available space within the warehouse.
The solution included the supply and installation of Longspan shelving, P90 Pallet Racking and a mezzanine that were installed in two phases.

  •  In 2010, the client ordered 173 m² of mezzanine floor which were equipped with Longspan2 shelving (2061 linear meter) and P90 pallet Racking (504 linear meter). This gave a storage capacity of ~ 12000 tyres.
  •  In 2011,the client ordered additional Longspan2 shelving which expanded the storage capacity by another ~ 11550 tyres (2347 linear meter).

The mezzanine floor gave Pneu Vanhamme the ability to store tires in several levels which allowed for a cost efficient creation of extra floor space.

Pneu Vanhamme total storage capacity is now ~ 23,550 tyres.

Why did the client choose

 -          Good first approach to meet customer needs

 -          Good base price

 -          Rapid price offer

 -          Accuracy in the project study

 -          On-time delivery

-          Good follow-up of installation

All this helped to create a climate of trust between both companies. Dexion could develop a partnership with the client, but also with other tyre centers belonging to CEVA Group, such as Monsieur Pneu, Alain Pneu, Centrale Américaine, Nabet Pneus.