GARDEN TRADE INTERNATIONAL BVBA, installs their 3rd Mobile Pallet Racking installation

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GARDEN TRADE INTERNATIONAL BVBA, installs their 3rd Mobile Pallet Racking installation

Garden Trade’s continued expansion demanded more storage capacity so they approached Dexion to provide solutions  and advice.

Their  chosen solution was manufactured, supplied and installed entirely by Dexion and included  3 blocks of MOVO Mobile pallet racking that provided around 5000 spaces for palletized goods.

Since 1998, the GIARDINO brand  has  continued to grow into a strong household name in consumer gardening. Today GARDEN TRADE INTERNATIONAL BVBA is a market leader of fencing products in Belgium and generates a turnover of EUR 12 million from sales within Belgium, supplying European and non European countries.

The requirement

Back in 1997 Garden Trade installed their first Mobile Pallet Racking system in a 1600m2 warehouse.  

As a result of market growth and an increasing workforce, the business quickly outgrew their premises and in early 2005  a second 3700 m2 warehouse was opened.

Garden Trade continued to grow and 6 years later a third warehouse was required. However, based on projections and their experience of continual growth they decided to plan for the future and approached Dexion to discuss how to future proof their storage requirements.

The solution 

Dexion proposed a radical  concept, in preparation for future growth, which was install the rails for high density mobile Pallet Racking that would not be needed for some years to come. In the meantime standard pallet racking was erected in the new warehouse to provided additional storage for the company.

It wasn’t until 2014 that Garden Trade required more storage space after further expansion. This was when Dexion returned and as had been forecast in 2010, began converting the static racking into Mobile Pallet Packing, reusing the original racking and adding new where necessary, placing it on MOVO mobile bases. The work was carried out in 3 phases, with very little disruption to the day-to-day business, such as the storage and picking of goods. Once having been commissioned, the installation doubled Garden Trade’s storage capacity within the same warehouse, which had been their home since 2010.


25 years on, the company now has a warehouse storage space of 11,000 m² containing three blocks of MOVO Mobile Pallet Racking from Dexion and stores in total around 5000 pallets of goods.

MOVO was the chosen solution for GIARDINO as it gave them the following benefits: 

  • MOVO integrates with their WMS facilitating fast picking

  • The MOVO can be operated from either the fork lift truck’s cab or from the WMS, i.e. next aisle opens once a line item is picked.

  • MOVO aisles are up to 27 metres long

  • There is a human access gangway at the far end for emergency access to exits.

  • The racking will open in-line with a particular vehicle access when the fire alarm goes off.