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Dexion Tornado Storage Machine animation

Dexion Tornado Storage Machine animation


Thanks to its ingenious lifting device, the servo-operated Tornado automated storage system is rapid, energy-efficient and silent. It is easy to tailor to each customer's needs. The perfect solution for storing and handling your small items in your warehouse or shop.

Tornado offers safe and secure storage for your small part handling. The system's intelligent engine attempts to place active trays close to the retrieval point. This makes the Tornado system especially useful for seasonal products. Tornado has password-protected access levels for added security.

The Tornado's speed both horizontally and vertically offers rapid shelving and picking. The clear and straightforward structure makes the system reliable and low-maintenance.

First, a product code is entered, either manually, with a bar-code reader, or from a higher-level system. The system then retrieves the required tray and brings it to the operator at the optimal height.