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C-WIS - Intelligent warehouse solutions

C-WIS - Intelligent warehouse solutions


Dexion C-WIS has been specifically designed to allow Warehousing, Logistics and Distribution Companies to improve their business performance by continuously monitoring and optimizing their warehouse activity, including layout, workflows, product flows, stock levels and staffing. The software features some very clever 3D simulations once a company's real data is fed into the system.

C-WIS is an enhancement programme, which in collaboration with an existing WMS or ERP system can help companies to drive down costs, optimize processes, improve service levels and save time.

C-WIS can:
- Review the layout of your warehouse and allow you to see it working, before you decide on a storage system.
- Identify the optimum picking locations for your products, based on usage and other factors.
- Analysis and improve your stock profile, freeing up your working capital by up to 20%
- Review staffing and equipment levels and predict what would happen if you changed something.
- Provide a 3D running simulation of your warehouse based on real data to identify bottle necks
- Monitor performance without the need for excessive number crunching or analytical resource.

Running a warehouse is more than just buying the right storage equipment. Whilst it may not feel like it at the time, deciding the right layout, storage product or material handling equipment will never match the day-to-day challenges or costs associated with running a warehouse successfully.