Office Storage Solutions

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Office Storage Solutions

A pleasant working environment

Your office is more than just a place to work. It is a dynamic environment that should offer space for collaboration and consultation; concentration as well as relaxation. You will perform better in an attractive environment  - where the office cabinets are an integral aspect of the office design, and where you can move around comfortably, knowing that each piece of information can be retrieved easily and conveniently.


Utilize 50% of extra space

With Bruynzeel mobile office cabinets, only one access aisle is needed. You gain 50% of space. Multifunctional in use and design. The New World of Work demands flexible workplaces: quiet zones that avoid external noise and allow users to concentrate and work in peace, brainstorm or conduct meetings. And comfortable, relaxing lounge areas where you can share your ideas with customers or colleagues. How would you utilize that 50% of extra space created by Bruynzeel mobile cabinets?



Office solutions include Sysco® cabinets, a modular system, with multiple depths and heights. Side2Side movable cabinets and Compactus® Office mobile cabinets, Compactus® Office Electro create space for an extra work station or extra storage capacity.