University College London, UK - Constructor Group Archive Reference

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University College London, UK - Constructor Group Archive Reference

UCL had a requirement to expand their existing central Archive Centre to accommodate a large influx of new books and archive boxes, requiring more than double the capacity of the existing Compactus® archive shelving system. Further expansion was available in the other half of the warehouse they were currently using.

The solution

The two tier mobile shelving system Compactus® Double Decker provided the maximum storage capacity, functionality and cost effectiveness in comparison with a traditional static multi-tier solution. It involved the installation of over 200 mobile storage units on two levels, providing the maximum storage capacity required in the area available.

The mobile storage system as installed, has 3m high of useable shelving on the lower level with a further 2m high on the upper level, and incorporates a unique integral self-supporting solid mezzanine floor with access stairs to the upper storage level, together with an energy saving automatic lighting system. The system has different shelf depths to accommodate the various book sizes and archive boxes.

  • 200 mobile storage units are installed.
  • 43,000 linear meters archive shelving.
  • Energy saving automatic lighting system.